Friday, September 13, 2013


Black is beautiful! I love my skin tone, and the fact that my hair is so big and versatile. Definitley not making this post about black power or the pro-natural movement, because to each his own. But what I can say for myself is that learning to embrace who I am naturally has been so freeing, and feels so damn good. Back in '09 when I made the decision to stop getting perms, I was reluctant as to whether I could, or would, actually go natural. Most of the females around me either had a perm or weave, and being in an environment where a hair style, or way of dressing, is so predominant,  it was easier to just go with the flow.  I had been getting perms since I was 9 so it was basically all I knew. But, as many females do when they have had a recent life discovery or life changing moment (mine was a breakup), we tend to  do something physically drastic to ourselves as an outward show of this internal feeling of change. By no means am I saying that I went natural solely because of a breakup. Actually I was inspired by two females who I was doing a theatre production with at the time. They both had these huge fros and walked around so confidently with them that I thought to myself, "damn, that's so dope." Anywhoo,  fast forward 5 years later and this is me. Loving my kinkiness down to the bone!

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