Friday, September 13, 2013

S is for?

This brings me into the subtopic of being single. I, yes I, am single, and you know what? I'm pretty comfortable with it. Right now anyway. I'm learning to accept myself for all the good things I am and also improving upon those things that i notice need some tweeking. My thing is, how the hell are you supposed to do this, while working, while pursuing you career, while in a relationship? I know there are superhumans out there who can balance all these things, or better yet, want to, but I simply am not one of those people. I think love and relationships are a wonderful thing when you are ready for it and are willing to put the energy into making it fun, exciting and new so that it may thrive and both parties can be happy and satisfied. But if you are at that selfish stage in your life, you can forget about it. So, in my opinion, do what you may. However, be mindful that a good relationship is never a one-sided thing.

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