Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made In America Festival

Walking up to the festival... To say there were hundreds of people would be an understatement. There were thousands! Picture a huge park with four different performance stages, beer stands, food stands, skaters and long ass line for water. The moment I arrived I knew I was in for and event. The first performer I saw was ASAP Rocky. He definitely rocked the crowd. 

I also had the pleasuring of witnessing Emeli Sande perform. Her voice is as solid live as listening to her record. Dope artist. And she is a songwriter too!                                                

It was shortly after her performance when it was nearing to 2 Chains touching the stage that the heat started to set in and the amount of sweaty bodies became more concentrated lol. I was able to get pretty close to the stage, but saw that it came with a price - oxygen. This one lady standing in front of me was about to pass out but she absolutely refused to move from her spot. She was wavering back and forth about to drop and I was just hoping she didn't fall on me. Talk about hard core fans. Coordinators had to give her water and my friend even sacrificed her own water bottle to help revive this woman. At that moment I realized just how precious H2O was and held my bottle for dear life, savoring every drop. Of course there was a bit of drama too, as people became human barricades to stop others from getting past them. NO GAMES PLAYED.

Miss Beyonce was also in attendance. She did a long set of all her fan favorites, and she did the damn thing. I cannot even explain how packed it was the hours leading up to and also during her entire performance. To give you a visual, I could have been levetated from the ground and held up by the tight pack of people around me. That's how smashed into each other we were. I think I even smelled a hint of piss. Definitley would not surprised if someone let loose just to see her live lol. Sweat became my best friend and the whiff of under arms was strong. Nonetheless, I enjoed the performance.
#Made In America

Saturday, September 14, 2013

That's Just The Motion...

From strangers, to friends, to strangers again. Isn't that the cycle of most relationships in our lifetime? And when I say relationships I don't necessarily mean romantic ones. I'm including all forms of relationships and bonds we build and break with people. When you meet a person and make that decision to include them in your life, and vice versa, a special thing takes place. You get to know one another: likes, dislikes, fears, joys,etc. Then over time after you get past that intial 'question and answer'phase you grow a sort of comfortability, and hopefully trust, with that individual. They become topic of conversation, experience new things with you and become a part of your memory bank. But, as wilth all things in life, there comes a point when that relationship is tested. And that's the crucial point. That moment when everything is redefined and you, or them, has to make that decision whether to remain involved with the other's life or not. Everyone comes with a certain amount of b.s. When it comes down to it, you have to deicede whose b.s. is worth tolerating. So, look at the people you have in your circle and ask yourself, six months from now, will he/she/they be friends or strangers?

Friday, September 13, 2013


I hold the word tasteless near and dear to me. I turn to it when no one is around, I use it when others are around, and I share it with friends and family (and even strangers too, sometimes.) Why? Because it is the perfect word to represent people, places or things. Tasteless is my favorite word in the dictionary. I cannot begin to explain to you how fitting it is in so many situations. Damn. That dude was tasteless. Damn this club is tasteless. Damn my food is tasteless. lol. See? We are just tasteless individuals living in a tasteless world and trying to make sense of it all.

Who Is SHE?

                       Kaye Mahogany is a work in progress. Nonetheless, she is working. 


Black is beautiful! I love my skin tone, and the fact that my hair is so big and versatile. Definitley not making this post about black power or the pro-natural movement, because to each his own. But what I can say for myself is that learning to embrace who I am naturally has been so freeing, and feels so damn good. Back in '09 when I made the decision to stop getting perms, I was reluctant as to whether I could, or would, actually go natural. Most of the females around me either had a perm or weave, and being in an environment where a hair style, or way of dressing, is so predominant,  it was easier to just go with the flow.  I had been getting perms since I was 9 so it was basically all I knew. But, as many females do when they have had a recent life discovery or life changing moment (mine was a breakup), we tend to  do something physically drastic to ourselves as an outward show of this internal feeling of change. By no means am I saying that I went natural solely because of a breakup. Actually I was inspired by two females who I was doing a theatre production with at the time. They both had these huge fros and walked around so confidently with them that I thought to myself, "damn, that's so dope." Anywhoo,  fast forward 5 years later and this is me. Loving my kinkiness down to the bone!

S is for?

This brings me into the subtopic of being single. I, yes I, am single, and you know what? I'm pretty comfortable with it. Right now anyway. I'm learning to accept myself for all the good things I am and also improving upon those things that i notice need some tweeking. My thing is, how the hell are you supposed to do this, while working, while pursuing you career, while in a relationship? I know there are superhumans out there who can balance all these things, or better yet, want to, but I simply am not one of those people. I think love and relationships are a wonderful thing when you are ready for it and are willing to put the energy into making it fun, exciting and new so that it may thrive and both parties can be happy and satisfied. But if you are at that selfish stage in your life, you can forget about it. So, in my opinion, do what you may. However, be mindful that a good relationship is never a one-sided thing.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashion and Film and Music, Oh MY!

So I recently heard about this fashion designer/director/bomb ass female Va$htie. I'm really diggin her fashion style. She blends different textures, prints and has a cutesy type, feminine/masculine feel to her brand which is so me! Most recently she has joined forces with Pharell Williams to design the Ice Cream Girl Brand. I'm going to work with her one day in the future, but in the meantime, check out her stuff! --->> violettenewyork.com
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cool blog to check out


Whose blog is it? My father's. But nonetheless, it's pretty interesting. I believe in supporting those around you. Well actually I believe in supporting people in general, but it makes it just a little more special when you can help spread the word about those in your circle who are doing noteworthy things.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love Is F&%ckin' Swell! :)

Why do people have to be so doggone bitter man! So what if love failed you. So what if you're alone. So what if the person who you want does not want you back. Get over it. The universe was not created nor does it exist to serve or please you, so smell the coffee. Matter fact, drink a whole cup of it. Life is full of the unfortunate, but guess what? It goes on.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I was once a bird, soaring the skies above all 
I had this curiosity 
So I wished upon a star to change my form into yours 
So I could live like you do;
I saw the rain falling down, did someone hear my plea?
Suddenly I was morphing into that they call human
And I loved the feeling

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I'm pacing back and forth while my mind's racing
Looking for some sort of justification
For why I do all the things that I do.
Simply trying to arrange this mess and put the pieces in place.
Can't seem to face the truth so I hide behind my own version of it.
Not worth it, not beneficial but I feel I have to.
If only I let go of what I fear and grasp what's near, what's really real,
what's plain and simple, would things become clearer?
But see, I loathe simplicity and am drawn to complexity.
It's not just me I know it.
To strive for happiness when you don't know where to find it is one hell of a thing.
Go with the wind I hear a voice saying.
Maybe that's the way...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where Shall I Begin?

Ah, so much to say and the time is NOW. You like that, huh? Yeah, so do I. lol. Anyway, I thought about this blog idea because of my need for self-expression. I write songs and poems infrequently, but sometimes I feel the need to just ramble on dammit! And this is my medium :). So listen up people! You know, I've always preferred to be "anonymous," simply because I hated people knowing my every thought or move. And for a long time I thought being anonymous meant staying quiet. But I am coming to realize that actions do speak volumes (i.e. body language, facial expressions, etc.) So even though I don't talk often in certain circumstances, I tend to tell all unintentionally anyway. But you know what? Screw it. Expressing myself is not a bad thing. It actually feels pretty damn good. And the more I try to conceal who I am for whatever the desired purpose is, I just end up frustrated. As of recent, I feel as though a fire has been lit under my ass and I am so motivated to do something. Anything. Talk, laugh, smile, communicate, cry, yada yada. And I don't care what anyone has to say about it. So, everything that I will express to you all is me - unfiltered and unapologetic. And I'm not afraid of sounding vulnerable, crazy or stupid because honestly, I can be a bit  of all those things sometimes. Hello.