Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made In America Festival

Walking up to the festival... To say there were hundreds of people would be an understatement. There were thousands! Picture a huge park with four different performance stages, beer stands, food stands, skaters and long ass line for water. The moment I arrived I knew I was in for and event. The first performer I saw was ASAP Rocky. He definitely rocked the crowd. 

I also had the pleasuring of witnessing Emeli Sande perform. Her voice is as solid live as listening to her record. Dope artist. And she is a songwriter too!                                                

It was shortly after her performance when it was nearing to 2 Chains touching the stage that the heat started to set in and the amount of sweaty bodies became more concentrated lol. I was able to get pretty close to the stage, but saw that it came with a price - oxygen. This one lady standing in front of me was about to pass out but she absolutely refused to move from her spot. She was wavering back and forth about to drop and I was just hoping she didn't fall on me. Talk about hard core fans. Coordinators had to give her water and my friend even sacrificed her own water bottle to help revive this woman. At that moment I realized just how precious H2O was and held my bottle for dear life, savoring every drop. Of course there was a bit of drama too, as people became human barricades to stop others from getting past them. NO GAMES PLAYED.

Miss Beyonce was also in attendance. She did a long set of all her fan favorites, and she did the damn thing. I cannot even explain how packed it was the hours leading up to and also during her entire performance. To give you a visual, I could have been levetated from the ground and held up by the tight pack of people around me. That's how smashed into each other we were. I think I even smelled a hint of piss. Definitley would not surprised if someone let loose just to see her live lol. Sweat became my best friend and the whiff of under arms was strong. Nonetheless, I enjoed the performance.
#Made In America

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